Metabolic And Physiological potentiaL Evaluator

for gene mapping to the KEGG functional modules and calculation of module completion ratio (MCR)

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MAPLE is a free resource, but the data you uploaded is private to you. Even though we strongly encourage making data public after one year from your submission date, we never open your data to public without your permission. So, if you agree with our open data policy, please check mark in the check box before you submit your data to MAPLE.

i. Can I share my account ?

No, you should never share your account with anyone due to the security problem and submitted data control. Even in a classroom situation and the same research group you should create separate accounts for each user although the downloaded MAPLE result is shared among them.

i. How long can I keep my account ?

Your account will be erased unless you have action for one year from the last access.

i. Rule of data submission

User can submit only 10 query sequence files at one time. When user submit more than 10, the files after tenth will be on the back burner. Each query file should be within 3 million sequences.